Limit risks with a comprehensive Hospitality Insurance Program for ILBA Members.

You need strong and reliable hospitality insurance for your business. Our experienced team is committed to working with your agent to provide the best coverage to your Indiana establishment.

Our insurance program is inclusive of:
  • General Liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Liquor Liability

Simply complete the form to get started. We'll be in touch with your current agent, or a preferred agent, to discover more about your business and to provide your bar and or restaurant with the best amount of coverage.

To receive a quote, please refer Conifer to your insurance agent, or allow us to connect you with an ILBA preferred agent.




Conifer is committed to providing comprehensive coverage for the hospitality industry supported by knowledgeable management, sound underwriting and efficient claims handling. The Conifer Hospitality Insurance Program is designed to serve the unique and changing needs of the hospitality industry.




Conifer has provided a market for liquor liability coverage for over two decades by providing insureds with stable pricing and claims expertise. The liquor liability program has been tailored to provide business owners with multiple coverage options to service their unique needs.



We provide customized insurance products for regional industry groups underserved by large national and international insurance companies. Our core expertise lies in servicing businesses operating in the hospitality industry, providing restaurants, bars and taverns with comprehensive coverage supported by knowledgeable management, underwriting and claims handling.